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Eye-Hop is a proven and effective way to read, designed to improve the rapid absorption of visual meaning from text. Eye-Hop exercises are designed to help you go from reading one word at a time to reading groups of words at a time.

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Eye-Hop helps to reduce sub-vocalization (pronouncing words in our head) and increase reading speed beyond the "sub-vocalization barrier", which is the speed at which we cannot read beyond with any comprehension.

Only Eye-Hop allows us to read faster than those speeds, by getting us used to processing 5 to 8 words at a glance, instead of only one word at a time. We get all the meaning, but without pronouncing all the words.

How Eye Hop works to increase reading speed

Exercises and lessons

Purchasing SuperReading grants you access to our collection of online exercises and lessons - learn how to Eye-Hop to boost your reading speed and comprehension, including advanced techniques such as short stroking and pattern reading.

Examples of different Eye Hop exercises


Create your own exercises using Hopify and turn any book, article or text into Eye-hop format. This is great for students or professionals, as they can practice Eye-Hop with material they were already commited to reading.

Customise words per hop, column format, letter spacing, background colour and font type. Hop on your phone or screen, or print out and practise with your finger.

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How Eye-Hop works

Screenshot of hopified text Screenshot of hopified text Screenshot of hopified text

Eye-Hop works by arranging text in parallel columns containing 2–5 words each, ‘hopping’ with your eye from the middle of one column to the middle of the other, with a parallel movement of the forefinger.


Arranging text in columns with the use of a pointer (typically a finger, or a pen/pencil) helps guide eye movement, helping to reduce regressions and increase the visual span of reading text.


Consistent practice (20 - 40 minutes per day) develops the ability to catch increasingly more words at one single glance, thereby increasing reading speed without jeopardising comprehension.


Track your Eye-Hop progress throughout the course using our testing suite to see how your reading skills have improved. Learn more.

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