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What is SuperReading?

SuperReading is a comprehensive online course which provides tools and techniques for increasing reading speed while retaining accurate recall and comprehension.

Since 1995, we've successfully helped thousands of students, professionals and academics become better readers, including those with Dyslexia, ADD and other learning challenges.

Why SuperReading?

Unlike traditional speed reading courses, we prioritise accurate comprehension and recall.

We instead focus on the techniques, strategies and knowledge which facilitate higher speeds and improved reading ability.

Our combination of Reading, Memory, Attitude and Study Skills has proven an effective formula. Not only concerned with speed, but also with focus, concentration, recall and the understanding and clarity of written text.

The SuperStudy Program includes everything anyone needs to become a more proficient, effective and happy reader.

“Simple but effective techniques help achieve results that are truly unbelievable.” Ray Abrishami Director of Engineering, Fujitsu Microelectronics, Inc.
"This course was much more than an improvement-of-reading series of exercises. It was a well-thought-out, planned and organized attack on one’s minds limitations." Vladimir Starov Director of Research, GaSonics International
"I am more confident about my reading ability and certainly feel that I can read faster and at the same time remember and understand more." Samuel Baeza Senior Lecturer, University of Chichester
"This course was very useful and had many tools that have increased my reading speed and comprehension. The memory techniques were also very useful. I would recommend this course to everyone." Theo Doyle Sony Corporation

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Our History

SuperReading was developed by Ron Cole in response to the needs of his coaching clients back in the mid 1990s in “Silicon Valley.” They were spending too much time reading difficult, technical information. Considering that existing speed reading programmes did not guarantee adequate comprehension levels, he experimented new techniques and combined them in a course, which he offered to volunteers, and later his clients, mostly adult managers. They became much better readers. Soon, solving the problem of reading at high speed with high comprehension and recall was accomplished.

Comprehension First

At SuperReading, we prioritise comprehension. Our high speeds are never at the sacrifice of understanding or recall.

"I've been a poor reader all of my life."

It has always been difficult for me to focus and maintain concentration while reading. I've always had to read, re-read, and re-read again... I experienced immediate results from day one in this course.

Greg Smith, Test Engineer, IBM

A one time purchase provides you access to the full SuperStudy Program:

•The SuperReading Program
•The SuperMemory Program
•The Study Skills Set
•Full support via Email or phone
•Any updates or improvements

Taught in 24 UK Universities

Including Cambridge, London School of Economics and Royal Holloway. Internationally, this also includes the University of Milan.