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A comprehensive online reading course utilising an innovative eye exercise designed to increase reading speed and comprehension.

We put comprehension first.

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Read faster, comprehend more

Eye-Hop is an innovative eye exercise designed to increase reading speed and comprehension. The purpose is to get you to understand groups of words at a glance.

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Proven results

Verified by university studies showing statistically significant improvement in student reading ability

Improve comprehension

Recall text more effectively by training your eye to hop, instead of gliding, over text

Increase speed

Eye-Hop reduces sub-vocalization (pronouncing words in our head) and more

Used by over 30 universities to coach excellence in reading

‘The most innovative and distinguishing feature of the programme is a reading technique, named eye-hopping... Constant practice, both during classes and at home, develops the ability to catch increasingly more words at one single glance, thus making reading faster without jeopardising comprehension.’
Journal of Cognitive Enhancement 2020

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We guarantee to at least double your Reading Effectiveness score or we'll offer a 90% refund

Reading Effectiveness

Test your speed, comprehension, accuracy and words per minute

Comprehension First

Unlike traditional speed reading courses, we prioritise accurate comprehension and recall.

Our online lessons include a combination of reading, memory, attitude and study skills.

  • Learn guiding, parroting, spaced repetition and more
  • Full of tips, techniques and strategies
  • Beginner and expert friendly
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Read faster, improve comprehension

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