Measure your reading abilities

The SuperReading course includes a series of timed memory and comprehension tests to track and measure your Reading Effectiveness (R.E.) score; a summation of your reading ability.

Compilation of different testing topics

What we measure

Our tests measure Reading Effectiveness. This is a combination of your speed and comprehension. This has been shown to be the most accurate measure of reading abilities across 32 universities and is how we ensure our students see worthwhile results.

Reading Effectiveness equals speed x comprehension divided by recall

Age appropriate

Four age groups with tests of appropriate interest and difficulty for each group from age 8 to adult. Covering various topics from guide dogs and planes to samurai and Isaac Newton.

Suitable tests for various age groups Suitable tests for various age groups

The testing process

A Reading Effectiveness test. A Reading Effectiveness test. A Reading Effectiveness test.
The Essay

Each test begins with a 400 word timed essay, you read this as you would any normal text, from start to finish, without going back over it.

The Exam

When you've finished reading, you'll progress to the exam. These are fill-in-the-blank questions designed to test your recall of the previously read essay.

The Re-Test

After completing the exam we move onto the Re-Test, reading through the essay again, and answering the questions a second time, to see how much more you can absorb with more time.


After completing a test you'll be taken to a personalised results screen showing your overall and current Reading Effectiveness score, as well as your time, accuracy and words per minute.

Measured progress

Our database will keep track of your scores and provide you with an overview of your progress throughout the course.

If you are a teacher, office manager or in charge of a group, you will have access to all your peoples’ progress in the course.

Screenshot of test results

Weekly testing

We advise our students to take one test per week for the first three to five weeks of the course, and then to progress to once every two weeks if desired.

This will show an accurate summation (and a hopeful increase!) of your reading effectiveness score over time.

Read faster, improve comprehension