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I started this course being a very slow reader; so slow it was excruciating. I’d read the same line over and over, I’d lose my place on a page, and my mind would wander.

The techniques I have learned on this course have helped me tackle all these problems, and now I feel I have learnt skills that will go with me to help me with my dissertation and on to my career as a teacher. Thank You.

Keith Cockerton, Teacher / Governor
I am the Senior Engineer of Apple Computer’s Global Response Team. We are responsible for solving the problems of Apple end-users all over the world. The SuperReading course has helped us to more than quadruple our productivity.

When we come into work on Monday morning, we begin the task of sorting through thousands of E- mails. We need to understand the problem and group the e-mails according to the appropriate answers. Until the SuperReading course, this process was not completed until Thursday afternoon, when we would send out our grouped responses. Now, with our higher comprehension and speed, we are processing the E-mails so quickly that our responses are going out Monday afternoon! Each team member has cut, on average, twenty-eight hours of work down to five.

Thank you for offering such a useful tool which has made our jobs so much more fulfilling.
David Lake
Senior Engineer, Apple Computer Global Response Team

I so wish I had access to this course during my English degree. The tools like the memory room, speed reading and scanning would have been most welcome.

I did not believe that I would be able to improve on my reading and memory due to my dyslexia… in a very short time my ability to speed read and recall what I have read has improved greatly.

Glenn Stevens, BA/MA Student
Although I have been training teachers to provide support to dyslexic students for 24 years, I have never known an intervention to have such a dramatic impact.
Dr Ross Cooper
BA(hons), PGCE, PgDip ADDS, APC, Ph.D
Overall I gained a much faster reading speed but also more awareness of what it is to be dyslexic and an increased confidence that I can manage.
Ms Phoebe Kelly, BA
The thing I value about the course is the time and space it provided to reflect on my approach to reading and to try out new strategies. I have found the Eye-Hopping incredibly useful – I find that I focus better, drift less, and print seems more in focus.
Pauline Moon
Senior Lecturer, London South Bank University

This course was very useful and had many tools that have increased my reading speed and comprehension. The memory techniques were also very useful. I would recommend this course to everyone, it was very well organized and well paced.

Theo Doyle, Sony Corporation
SuperReading has really encouraged me to read more. I was amazed by how much more I remembered when reading books, E-mails and transcripts. I was quicker at answering my E-mails. Definitely worth doing the course.

It was amazing how much faster I’m now reading. My reading time was reduced to less than half in three weeks. At first the eye exercises were a struggle, but as I started seeing results I couldn’t wait to practice some more. Soon I was encouraged by how much clearer my mind felt, and how much more info I remembered.
Sarah Denyer, ASDA Brands