Screening4Dyslexia Special: Become a SuperReader! Retail Price: £295 for one Special: 1 payment of £150 (for your whole family!)
WHAT YOU GET: The entire SuperReading / SuperStudy Program, including all the lessons, Eye-Hop, Testing Suite, Study and Memory tools. Plus access to daily webinars! This is for as many family members as you wish, up to six. You are Guaranteed to at least Double your present reading abilities. No time limits on access or support. WHAT TO DO: Before your purchase (which gives you unlimited support) watch this 4-minute video, create a membership for each person and have each take an online reading test. The SuperReading Guarantee is that you will at least DOUBLE your present abilities. Everything is GDPR compliant, and your email address is only used to retrieve a lost password. Just tell us in your PayPal purchase Note to Vendor: “5 members” or however many family members would like the Program. You will also receive, free, The Chrysalis Goal Achievement Program. This knowledge is the result of 25 years of life-changing coaching experience. It’s easily worth £100. Your PayPal receipt will have a LINK for what you need to begin both programs.
Learn how to recall anyone’s name, profession, hobby, town and more. Your joining instructions will be in your PayPal receipt! This is a separate purchase.
Total = £150
Professionals save one to two working days per week. Students get top grades; cut study time 25% to 60%. Dyslexics become better readers than non-dyslexics. (funded by SFE for all dyslexic university students in the UK since 2009)