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Our online course includes three main components:


The SuperReading Lessons

A comprehensive collection of online lessons including all the SuperReading tools, techniques and strategies. Learn effective ways to increase reading comprehension, focus, recall, accuracy and speed.



Reading Effectiveness Tests

A series of timed memory and comprehension tests to track and measure your Reading Effectiveness (R.E.) score; a summation of your reading ability.

We calculate Reading Effectiveness by speed x comprehension / recall, this has been shown to be the most accurate measure of reading abilities across 28 universities and is how we ensure our students see worthwhile results.

There are four age groups with tests of appropriate interest and difficulty for each group from age 8 to adult. We use an innovative system of 10 “fill-in-the-blank” questions to gauge comprehension / recall.

Our database will keep track of your scores and provide you with a graph of your progress. If you are a teacher, office manager or in charge of a group, you will have access to all your peoples’ progress in the course. We observe all data protection laws to keep your data anonymous and secure.

We believe that the best way to inspire struggling readers is with the truth of what they can achieve and then prove to them they’re achieving it.


Eye-Hop & Hopify

An integral part of the SuperReading course is our special reading practice, named Eye-Hopping. Eye-Hop exercises help to process multiple words at a time and is one of the reasons we have such an amazing track record with dyslexia.

Eye-Hop helps to reduce sub-vocalization (pronouncing words in our head) and increase reading speed beyond the "sub-vocalization barrier", which is the speed at which we cannot read beyond with any comprehension. For most people that speed is about 300 words per minute. Only Eye-Hop allows us to read faster than those speeds, by processing 5 to 8 words at a glance, instead of only one word at a time. We get all the meaning, but without pronouncing all the words.

Benefits of Eye-Hop include: