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Frequently Asked Questions

SuperReading is for anyone who wants to become a better and more proficient reader:

1. Slow reading speed
2. Difficulty decoding single words
3. Difficulty with tracking text
4. Poor comprehension
5. Poor recall of what has been read

Where these difficulties relate to neurodivergence (particularly when linked to dyslexia or dyspraxia), the SuperReading course is now approved.

Yes! SuperReading has proven itself as extraordinary for dyslexia and other learning difficulties. Most of our graduates are now better readers than their non-dyslexic peers! Before 2008 that was thought to be impossible. More specifically:

  1. 1. You will learn by doing, rather than by listening.
  2. 2. It minimises working memory load.
  3. 3. It builds on dyslexic strengths of visual thinking and holistic processes.
  4. 4. It is multisensory.
  5. 5. Spelling does not impact on the reading tests.
  6. 6. You can see the coach talking embedded in colourful graphics with text.
  7. 7. The course is ‘eliptical’, which means that we circle round revisiting skills and techniques with deeper learning as we go.
  8. 8. You get personal feedback to support your progress.
  9. 9. It encourages you to use your passionate interests.

The proof of the pudding is that dyslexic SuperReaders overtake, on average, 60% of non-dyslexic readers making greater gains than non-dyslexic SuperReaders.

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Yes. SuperReading helps with focus. In my youth I most likely had ADHD. Nobody had put those letters together yet. I was always in motion and found it very hard to sit still. Paying attention in class was a big problem. I did not have the patience to read, and always felt I was behind everyone else. All the students we’ve had with ADD or ADHD have done brilliantly. I wish I could go back and do school with SuperReading skills.

SuperReading isn't speed reading. It’s much more. We’re all about comprehension first. The high speeds are never at the sacrifice of understanding or recalling. Some products claim you’ll double your speed in 20 minutes. Sure. The problem is your comprehension will be half what it was! Instead, we make comprehension a top priority, after all, what good is reading if you don't remember any of it?

Additionally, if you do not at least double your abilities, we will do our best to support you or offer a refund.

SuperReading has a guarantee to at least double your incoming Reading Effectiveness score (a combination of: comprehension, accurate recall and speed). This is based on our tests, which have been verified as accurate by more than two dozen universities and independent testing. If you do the practice and it does not work, you get a 90% refund. 23 years and 8,000 students and we’ve never had to give one!

Yes! You will quickly learn two tools that will put an end to that. It’s called Distracted Reader Syndrome. It happens to most everyone at least 50% of the time. Within a few days that will not be happening any more.

Yes. Most students report that when they take exams, it’s so easy it feels like cheating. Your reading is better, so you’ll naturally remember more, with greater comprehension. The Memory tools also make all the facts easy and fun to recall. Also, you’ll have tested yourself with Parroting more effectively than the exam, so way less stress. Law students report that while other students are frantically searching through dozens of tabs on their thick books, they smile, recall their memory tool, and have the answer before others can look it up. Most say the books would just slow them down. We have amazing techniques for absorbing info from textbooks. There’s also great tools for dealing with your negative beliefs.

Yes. We can do that over Skype. It’s more expensive, but you get what you pay for! You would also get the online course for reference.

Please contact via phone (07738 666511) or Email ron.cole231@outlook.com for more details.

Yes. That can be done via Skype or in person. There’s a flat daily rate plus transportation. Mostly it’s companies that ask.
We have also taught private groups, often organised by schools.

Please contact us via phone (07738 666511) or Email ron.cole231@outlook.com for more details.